The Forgotten Words in the English dictionary

//The Forgotten Words in the English dictionary

The Forgotten Words in the English dictionary


We tend to forget how words -any word- can affect our way of experiencing life in a daily basis. Nonetheless, some words can have bigger positive or negative impact when they are said and heard. Sometimes, even if we don’t want to say them, we have to. Other times, we desperately need to hear them even though nobody is saying them.

As confusing as this might get, saying words like ‘thank you’ can actually change someone’s day for the better. We have no idea what’s inside their head, we have no idea how their day is going, we don’t know their problems or troubles, all we know is that saying a simple thank you can completely turnaround its life.

I encourage everyone to try it and see what happens, say it, give out the compliment, make someone smile, help a stranger, return a favor and enjoy a new world by using the best words. And before we try it, we have to say…