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Thankious [thank + you] is a collection of gratitude bits and pieces that happen to all of us in a daily basis. The idea behind this notes is to express -through the written word how thankful we are of the small and exceptional things that have a huge impact in life. Being thankful for the good, bad, weird and ordinary stuff that occur to us daily is more than an idea, it’s a lifestyle. And this book it’s about living that lifestyle!

Thankious is my way of immortalizing those moments of gratitude in a book that we can all enjoy, read while we are at the beach, when we are at a plane, just before bed or simply when we want a reason to smile. Gratitude is expressed in a lot of ways, for example: friends with superpowers, secrets, midnight munchies, completed resolutions, for not knowing what tomorrow brings, free smiles and for the strangers that transform into family, among many others.

There are a lot of reasons in life for which to be thankful and it has been scientifically proven that saying thankiou is directly related to the factors of happiness and the factors of solidarity.