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THANKIOUS [thank + you] is a grassroots movement born to engage everyone in developing a culture of gratitude. Adopting this lifestyle will be the beginning of a much happier life, a more relaxed work environment and a better world for all.


Corporate Culture WORKSHOPS have the objective of encouraging an attitude of gratitude to be applied in the personal and professional fields. In our 60-90 minute workshops your company will have the opportunity to:

  • LEARN the power of the word ‘thankiou’.
  • MOTIVATE an attitude of gratitude in our life.
  • IMPORTANCE of a culture of gratitude at work.
  • Gratitude as the engine of PRODUCTIVITY.
  • TOOLS to develop a culture of gratitude.
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The THANKIOUS book is a collection of gratitude bits and pieces that happen to all of us in a daily basis. The idea behind this notes is to express -through the written word how thankful we are of the small and exceptional things that have a huge impact in life. Being thankful for the good, bad, weird and ordinary stuff that occur to us daily is more than an idea, it’s a lifestyle. And this book it’s about living that lifestyle!