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THE THANKIOU GUY: Paul Gonzalez Mangual

My whole life I have being fond and blessed by the power of gratitude. It has being the key for the success of my academic, professional and entrepreneurial endeavors. Therefore, I have committed my life to start a gratitude movement and inspire people to be more grateful and, as a consequence, happier. This is more than a book, it’s a movement all about helping people say ‘thank you’ at least once more in their daily lives and enjoy the positive effects.

I’m a Generation Y writer, published poet, day dreamer, hopeless romantic, avid blogger, fun facts reader, award winning entrepreneur, endless hustler, event producer, non-practicing accountant, Guinness World Record holder, future professor, microwave chef, foodie at heart, whiskey enthusiast, coffee addict, world explorer, beach bum, skim board rookie, basketball cards collector, San Antonio Spurs fan, wannabee magician and retired skateboarder from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Learn more at