It’s time to say: thankiou

//It’s time to say: thankiou

It’s time to say: thankiou

At a very young age, a friend of the family made me a gift and, without thinking twice, I started playing with it. In that precise moment, my parents scolded me and ask me a question that would define my existence: “what do you say?” That question became the most important lesson of my life, although at that time I did not know it. As a 3 year old, I could not comprehend the immense power that a single word could have.

Years later — as a teenager — I was able to appreciate first hand that lesson from my parents. At every opportunity, I said the magic words that opened doors, started conversations, make strangers smile and fill with life those who needed it the most. Further than telling the universe around me, I began to say it to my inner self and the effects changed the way of seeing life completely.

Curiously, at night before bed, I began the habit of giving thanks for random moments, situations or circumstances of the day. Night after night, I thanked the world for the simple things, but as simple as they were, they had a great impact on my daily life. This was the beginning of a new found mission of life. Through the years I continued to cultivate that gratitude practice for myself, but one day I had a deep and meaningful conversation with a friend and confessed what I have been doing. Needless to say, he was amazed and promised to do the same. It was at that moment that I realized that saying thank you can be a very powerful thing to do.

With that in mind, I decided to combine that habit with my passion for words and set out to write 365 short notes about those small and positive things that have a huge impact in our lives. In that moment, the pages of what would be my second book -’Thankious’- were born.

For one whole year, I wrote daily notes about something positive that would have occurred during the day and then shared it in social networks. While I was doing this, my business endeavors were getting complicated and a lot of stress was being poured all over the place. However, as difficult the business situations had become, there was always a reason to be grateful for. It was in those moments of gratitude where I could find peace to fight the stress and see everything from a different perspective to solve it. Needless to say, the effects of this attitude of gratitude were so great that it saved my business and kept my sanity.

That mission goes far beyond the book Thankious. The goal is to create a movement of gratitude using the word THANKIOU as a catapult. I can assure everyone that if we adopt this gratitude lifestyle it will be the beginning of a much happier life, a more relaxed work environment and a better world for all.